The Vote

Everything in the ballet count debacle was predictable and predicted. Some states, under the guise of Covid-19, mailed thousands of ballets out to people who did not request an absentee ballet. This created a one-time set of circumstances, and it was by design, and it is systematic.

This prompted return date deadline issues, verification problems, transparency problems, poll watcher lockouts and late votes being counted

If this fraud is allowed to continue, dozens of states and millions of citizens will be disenfranchised. What we have is a handful of demarcate-run cities manipulating the count to swing this election to the demarcate party.

Is it odd that Republican states were able to produce results without incident on the night of the election?  Texas, the second-largest state, had almost all votes tallied by midnight.  Florida, our third-largest state, had no trouble counting all its votes in a few hours.

So how does a man, Joe Biden, who could not draw a crowd, did very little campaigning and when he did, people seemed disinterested in his silly drive-in rallies, get the most votes in history? More than Obama, more than Clinton? There is no way Biden received 73 million “legal” votes, there was absolutely no enthusiasm for this guy. It defies logic. It may be circumstantial but it is worth consideration. I would argue that Biden sat at home because he knew the fix was in.

What can we do?

First, fire Wray at the FBI and appoint a competent director to investigate, a fraud of this magnitude surely has a trail and fingerprints. This is a crime of the highest degree.

Second, get the DOJ involved, if Barr has no idea, get someone who does.

For the life of me I cannot understand Trumps appointment of Wray and Barr? Why not just appoint Nadler and Shift?

Third, every mail in ballet in each county that is the slightest bit questionable must be verified or rejected. This should limit the audit (audit, not recount) to the cities, blue counties in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina. Michigan and North Carolina are critical in securing the Senet seat.

This audit of the mail in ballots will provide the evidence of the wide spread fraud needed to make a case in court. Do not wait, get access now, get a court order if necessary, and a highly reputable auditing form to confirm the legitimacy of each and every vote.

Should a court order be required for access to the ballets, seek each county in each state in one action as time is of the essence. With the rights of all voters at stake, the Supreme Court should issue the order, superseding a state constitution under equal protection and/or supremacy.

In sweeping out the illegitimate ballots, all down ballot candidates will benefit, securing the Senate and probably regaining the house. Republicans better wake up, get off the bench and take the field.

It may require federal marshals in attendance to insure an orderly and secure process.

Fourth, use the FCC or any regulatory body to stop the censorship by the internet platforms. Communication and information is so important and should not be blocked. The Tec platforms, by suppressing information are tipping the scales in favor of their preferred candidate in what seems a coordinated effort.

I would urge states with Republican governors that voted for Trump to join in litigation to determine the legitimacy and accuracy of the states in question so their citizens will not be disenfranchised.

Counties that did not follow the law or court orders in separating ballots received after deadlines, mixing the timely with the untimely, and they cannot be separated out or any other irregularity must bear the consequences locally, in said county. Their mistakes intended or otherwise should not be allowed to negate the votes of people, counties and states that acted properly. This counties vote count will be recorded at their count of November 3rd.

It is clear the Democrat party fights dirty and anyone caught committing or complicit in fraud need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Send a message.

All we want is an accurate tally of legally cast ballots.  A presidential election is just too important.


G. t. Zorn                                                                                                                                             

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