The Vote and the Supreme Court

As of this post I’m not confident that we can get a true and accurate vote count in the 2020 presidential election. We must do everything we can to satisfy Americans that the vote count was lawfully done.

It seems there is not a clear message or strategy from the Trump team, there should be. We must have confidence in Trump and hope he has smarter people than me on this.

We hear of isolated incidences of irregularities in small numbers that seem too small to make a difference.

We also hear of systemic fraud and failures in the voting machines and software and this is significant. Attorney Sydney Powell seems to be taking the lead on it, this gives us confidence.

Where is the evidence? The states of interest are Pa., Ga., Mi., Wi., Az., Nv. for determining if Trump actually won. Rather than fighting it out in each State Courts separately, and these states being in different Federal Court districts, and time being of the essence, with the possibility of more than 70 million people being disenfranchised, go directly to the Supreme Court. Request a full and complete hand counted audit of each county, in each state in question, this will provide the evidence.

The Supreme Court should take the suit under equal protection and/or supremacy. Lawsuits take time, discovery is a slow and we don’t have time.

In presenting the case:

The common-sense measurement showing massive fraud is off the charts. Provide the logical reasoning, circumstantial but worth considering. The Trump campaign generated the most enthusiasm in decades, and still does. Biden drew flies.

I would also argue that Biden sat at home because he knew the fix was in.

List the involvement of key demarcate operatives involved in the vote machine and software process.

Surely the best and brightest on the Trump team can expand on this list.

Move to the statistical and mathematical anomalies, there are many.  

Then provide all the sworn affidavits of wrongdoing. Do not get bogged down here, this seems like small ball, numbers that may not affect the outcome but can help in getting an audit.

Now, the main case, audit the voting machines, the software, and the servers. This should be the main argument. This is where the fraud and collusion will be found. I would suggest only auditing the vote counts in the counties in question.

Will a relatively small number of counties in a handful of states be allowed to nullify the legally cast votes of our citizens in prudent counties and states? If one is to bear the burden of wrongdoing, let it be confined to the counties committing the crime, voter fraud is a crime.

In essence, asking the Supreme Court for an audited recount is the search warrant, based in evidence and logic, and discovery to locate the proof of fraud and wrongdoing.

There is no harm in an audit; all legally cast votes are counted, inquiry is not a threat to democracy. 

Is the deep state, the money class to strong? This is where we find out, FBI, DOJ do little or nothing; the CIA may be involved. The mainstream media and Big Tech deliver the message that “Biden won, it’s time to come together, let’s move on” and suppress contrary information.  

This will test our system; the Supreme Court will bear the burden and decide if the United States of America will descend into a full blown banana republic. Will they order an independent analysis of voting data, an audited hand count, to restore confidence and credibility and hopefully end the current controversy in the election process?  

We cannot count on the Georgia Senate runoff election, a full audit of the questionable counties will bring Perdue in. A Michigan audit will bring James in. Why would anyone believe there will be an accurate vote count if not corrected now? 

All that remains is to see whether or not the Leftist will get away with making a mockery of democracy or will our longstanding tradition of a nation that stands as the beacon of democracy and leader of the free world continue? 


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