Self Deportation

Many of the politicians and amnesty supporters continually express the idea that we can not round up and deport (self deportation) the illegal alien population. We could but I don’t want to spend the money to do it.

The solution “self deport”. Reports are coming out that the illegal alien population has declined about 8%. The credit for this is going to the weak economy; let’s say this is true, no work and the alien returns to their country of origin voluntarily. This works for me.

Another reason may be the new Arizona law SB 1070 and the other States considering tough new laws. The mere threat that the laws will be enforced will send a portion of the illegal alien population to their native nations.

For far to long this country has not enforced existing immigration laws. A defacto amnesty or acceptance. The word does reach others in the foreign lands that the U.S. does not enforce its laws and others come.

It is important to remember that the alien has also committed identity theft and document fraud in addition to illegal entry.

The employers of illegal aliens have violated the law for far to long, too. Every job that an alien is doing is an American out of work. A flood of illegal people and wages are reduced, again affecting the American worker. Wages have been stagnant since the seventies and are directly related to immigration policy. The Immigration Act of 1965 increased the number of legal immigrants to directly compete with American workers.

At the same time illegal aliens were allowed to infiltrate the Nation and take work from the American workers. Illegal populations grew much more in the 1990’s up to today.

The employer must face a severe fine, a fine that makes it in his best interest to be completely confident in the status of their workers. A per worker fine that is increased on the second offence.

No work and vigorous enforcement leads to self deportation.

The best way to exclude the illegal worker would be a mandatory E-Verify system that is in place and better than a 98% accuracy. Give every employer in the Nation ninety days to verify the status of there workers and dismiss all illegal people. If 8 million illegal aliens working in this country were to be dismissed the new openings created would reduce the unemployment rate by 4%. An added bonus would be that wages would more than likely increase for our working poor.

Vigorous law enforcement. If an Illegal alien makes it past the Border Patrol the chances of them meeting an ICE officer are almost zero. This is why all police should check the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being illegal ounce initial contact has been made. As the evidence points out, the illegal people will take notice and many will leave on their own.

No illegal alien should be released from jail into the public, from jail or prison directly to their country of origin.

All tax payer dollars used to support anyone in this country illegally must stop. The use of tax dollars to support people that have voluntarily broken the law is simply outrageous.

As an incentive I would suggest assistance to any person or family that needs help to leave. We pay for their ticket home.  Only acceptable carry on luggage any thing else they wish to take they can ship at their own expense. This would require some tax dollars, but in the end I believe we will save much more. If a person takes this deal and is found back in this country the person will remain in jail until the money is reimbursed. A one time offer.

The point being they will give up and leave on their own. No false choice of rounding then up and deporting them all. Some, yes, all, no, but the number to be rounded up and deported will be greatly reduced. An 8% reduction is compelling evidence self deportation will work.


Gregory Zorn

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