President Trump, NATO and Vladimir Putin’s Russia

As President Trump leaves NATO and heads to Vladimir Putin Russia I will make some observations.

First, the European countries participating in NATO have not paid their required 2% for many years, and we have allowed it for many years. With an ever menacing Russia looming in the distance, why would any European nation not stand up there own defense and work to make NATO stronger?

Answer, They do not see Russia as a threat, we do, they don’t. So who is right? I would say the Europeans have this one right, that Russia is not the threat we claim it is.

Let me be clear, when I say we or us, I mean the USA, and when I say the USA, I mean the federal government and the news media they control. We have consistent stream of news reporting on the evil and diabolical Russia. Be afraid Americans, be scared Europe warn the “experts”, but lets be honest, when was the last time the “experts” were right? Or the media? About anything?

The experts and media will not tell you, but it should not be forgotten that the Soviet Union bore the brunt of defeating the Nazis during WWII, losing 27 million people, and saw a third of their country destroyed in the process. So we, the USA, Europeans and Russians were allies not so long ago.

Russia meddling in our “democracy” is a hoax, twitter and face book accounts by people of Russian decent, it is an embarrassment to watch. It is our own DOJ and FBI that meddled
meddled more than any Russian actors. So lets stop this foolishness.

President Trump should understand that any move toward better relations with Russia has been already pre-approved by the American people. His position on Russia was well known.
Let us hope that a Trump, Putin meeting begins a move toward real reconciliation and away from the threat of nuclear war.

NATO is a relic of the past, lets dissolve it and put the money to a better use, that we finally get the peace dividend hoped for. Let it be said that we are not scared little people, in fear of so many countries. Let it be said that we are friends.

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G. T. Zorn

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