The Purple Strategy – Chris McDaniel

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The Purple Strategy – Chris McDaniel

When the establishment republican party organized the malicious campaign for Thad Cochran in the defeat of Chris McDaniel it may have presented an opportunity.

We have now seen the depths to which the Republican Party will go to thwart the will of the good people of Mississippi in their desire to replace Mr. Cochran with a real conservative Chris McDanial.

I believe the strategy and the money came at the direction of Mitch McConnell and this is where the Purple strategy will apply pressure.

We, as true conservatives must stand with McDanial and hit back hard. They did not learn when Cantor was thrown out, its time we throw McConnell out.

Mitch McConnell has the very strong desire to become majority leader of the senate.

I sugest, Chris McDanial or a member of the McDanial campaign place a call to Mr. McConnell.

That call should go something like this:

McDanial: Senator McConnell, thank you for taking my call

McConnell: Yes Mr. McDanial, how can I help you

McDanial: Well Senator, that was a interesting idea you came up with, using democrats to decide the republican nominee for senator in the great state of Mississippi.

McConnell: (being the smug jackass he is, all to impressed with himself) Well Mr. McDanial, this is the big leagues, we play hard ball, I hope you learned your lesson.

McDanial: Yes, Mitch, we did, unfortunately its not the lesson you intended. What we learned is we can use the opposition party to select our representatives.

Here’s what we, the McDanial campaign is going to do:

First, we are going to challenge the democrat votes, keeping this BS in the air and causing you to spend more time and money here in Mississippi.

Second, I will run as a wright in or an independent, so chances are good that you don’t get Thad anyway.

Third, if it looks like your boy Thad may still squeak by, my supporters will vote for the democrat, so you don’t get Thad anyway

Forth, the true conservative movement is a national movement and not pleased with you.  You’re in a tight race there in Kentucky. We may just tip the balance to your opponent, a demarcate, I mean not just stay home, but put our thumb on the scale and vote for the demarcate.

We will start a twitter campaign #DitchMitch, your really not very popular Mitch.

So Mitch, if I’m not sitting in the senate this January, neither are you.

My suggestion Mitch, offer Thad an honorable way out, say, health or family reasons.

Mitch, our representatives are to be chosen by the people, in a fare process, and not by the party. The legislature is designed to do the will of the people and not the will of Mitch McConnell. Your not a leader Mitch, you’re a representative.

After Thad withdraws, the RNC or you will send one million dollars to my campaign, in addition to that you will send an additional million to help undue some of the lies promoted by the Cochren campaign.

I do understand Mitch, this is the big leags, it is hardball and we did learn a lesson.

A senate with McConnell as majority leader would be like Harry II, Mitch will push amnesty and keep up the spending, either way its time for him to go. We, conservatives will gain seats in the senate and hold on for two more years.

If we, true conservatives do not stand strong now, if we accept the treatment given to a good man Chris McDanial we are doomed to fail and the country is lost.

On a second note, Mr. Rove had his hand in this smear strategy too, I suggest we start a twitter campaign #NoRove and let it be known that if Mr. Rove appears on a news program, that program will be turned off. This clown has done enough damage.

G. T. Zorn

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