Illegal Invasion

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I have the same message about invasion – I don’t call it immigration I call it invasion – we have American citizens out of work, in need of training, in need of better and lesser government, in need of protecting, in need of many things. Until every one of our American citizens is fully employed at an appropriate level, with training if needed, then why do we owe anyone, let alone people here ILLEGALLY from the git-go one blessed dime? One bit of legality? We as citizens are expected to obey the laws of this country, and of our own locality – – if we do not there are consequences, and our everyday freedom can be taken away. Yet “we” must defer to a group for whom their illegality is REWARDED. The more I hear the “I’m entitled to come into the U.S.” type attitude, the more I see people and groups e.g. La Raza promoting non-assimilation and our deference to them including a free pass on breaking our fundamental laws, the less I even want people who think that way as fellow citizens or even legal residents. What kind of fool welcomes hostility into their home?

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